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All about Inter Faith Week 2023

The tenth Inter Faith Week takes place from Sunday 11 to Sunday 18 November. Inter Faith Week is a week with a focus on faith and belief but it’s for everyone. Inter faith understanding and cooperation and religious literacy are of ever greater importance. In the course of the Week, hundreds of events ranging from open door days at places of worship, to exhibitions, volunteering events to help local communities, sport, workplace awareness raising activities, plays and films, to quizzes and competitions, will take place which will help to strengthen these and understanding between people of religious and non-religious beliefs.

Inter Faith Week begins each year on Remembrance Sunday to provide an opportunity to remember together the service of soldiers and civilians of different faiths and beliefs. This year is the Centenary of the Armistice that signaled the end of World War I. Many events taking place for Inter Faith Week this year are also linked to #Armistice100.

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