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Black South West Network - Race and Justice Conference - Thursday 14th September 2023

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

About this event

Join us for this transformative event hosted by us a dynamic force in the fight for racial justice! The main focus will be on Empowering Change: Uniting for Racial Justice in the South West. Immerse yourself in our regional conference, ‘Race and Justice in the South West Conference: Access to Justice,' where legal champions, community leaders, and justice advocates converge. We will be focusing on the topic: Access to Justice.

🌟 Discover fresh insights from luminaries like Liberty, the Public Law Project, and the Law Centres Network.

🗣️ Be inspired by Jeremy Crook, Chief Executive of Action for Race Equality, a trailblazing national entity combatting racial inequality.

💡 Explore pivotal topics, including equitable legal access and dismantling barriers within the criminal justice framework.

Amidst today's challenging cost-of-living landscape, disproportionately affecting minoritised communities, the time is ripe to unite, amplify voices, and shape a just tomorrow. Will you be part of the change?

Who is this event for?

  • Community organisers and activists

  • Legal practitioners and Legal aid providers

  • Anyone interested in Racial Justice and Access to Justice!

What will be covered?

The conference will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops, addressing topics such as:

  • The current crises in accessing routes to justice

  • The role of Parliament in the current situation regarding Access to Justice

  • How legal professionals can play a role in providing affordable services to Black and Minoritised communities

  • How Scotland addresses the issue of inadequate Access to Justice

Who will we hear from?

Keynote Speaker: Jeremy Crook

Jeremy has over 35 years’ experience of promoting race equity and inclusion and developing practical solutions in the public, private and civil society sector. His current roles include: Metropolitan Police Service External Advisory Board; GLA Violence Reduction Unit Partnership Reference Group; HMPPS External Advice and Scrutiny Panel (Chair); ARE CJS National Independent Advisory Group (Chair); Thames Water’s Customer Challenge Group and West Ham United Foundation (Trustee)

Host: Miranda Grell

Miranda Grell is a practising barrister. Miranda previously worked at the Hackney Community Law Centre (HCLC). At HCLC, Miranda set up new pop-up legal services in community spaces like local libraries and also organised community legal training. In 2022, Miranda helped the Law Centres Network to curate its annual conference on the theme of racial justice and she is currently working with LCN to create a Law Centres racial justice plan. Miranda is also the current Acting Co-Chair of the Bernie Grant Arts Centre and sits on the Advisory Board of the Windrush Justice Clinic, which provides advice and assistance on compensation to victims of the Windrush scandal.

The agenda to be released at a date closer to the event.

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