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Board Of Directors

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Committee (Directors): Further to November’s recruitment process, we are pleased to welcome Elaine Gordon and Cleo Pearson to the team. Both have been co-opted and will be formally appointed at the AGM. Esther Hetherington and Franklyn Davis have joined the Bar and Events Team, which forms part of the trading arm.

Governance: The Committee (Directors) have attended an Induction session and a roles and responsibilities training session. Individual role outlines are in the process of being confirmed. We are receiving external professional support to enable us to review the operating model and governance documents.

Finance: The Committee (Directors) has undertaken a review of its financial reporting systems to ensure full compliance. We were unable to file accounts for the period ending 30th September 2020 however, both entities are on track to file accounts for the period ending 30th September 2021.

Business Plan: As previously reported, the Committee (Directors) are working with a consultant from Black South West Network to develop a business plan for the centre, a summary of which will be shared shortly.

Building and Maintenance: Visitors to ANCC would have noticed that parts of the building has benefitted from a coat or two, of paint. Work continues to improve our green spaces by planting bulbs and introducing raised beds. We have acquired a storage container to allow us to maximise space. The CCTV system has been updated. The next phase will look at repairing wall in the lounge, the air conditioning units and light fittings.

Branding: The Committee (Directors) are working to raise the profile of the centre and would like to have a website and update the centres logo. Have your say on plans to introduce a new logo. Below are the top 4.

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