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Nominate Local Changemakers for Active Gloucestershire's Community Photography Project

Active Gloucestershire is seeking to celebrate and recognise local changemakers who are making a positive impact in their communities, sectors, or workplaces through a community photography project. This project aims to celebrate and recognise individuals who are making change in their community, sector or workplace by sharing their stories and showcasing the variety of ways and diversity of people who are supporting the health and happiness of local residents through physical activity.

Do you know someone who is making a positive impact in your community, sector or workplace? Someone who is passionate and inspiring others to make a change? Someone who is doing something different or new? Someone who is taking action in their job or as a volunteer that is helping people benefit from a more active lifestyle – no matter how big or small? If so, they would love to hear from you!

How to make a nomination

To make a nomination, click here and complete the form. Include details such as:

  • Name and contact details of the person you are nominating

  • The organisation they work for (paid or voluntary)

  • Why you think they should be celebrated as a we can move changemaker

  • How they inspire, connect or enable people in Gloucestershire to improve their lives through physical activity

  • Your name and email address

Nominations close on Monday 19 February 2024.

Nominations can be for anyone: a community group volunteer, a teacher, a GP or work colleague; young or old, paid or voluntary, sporty or not! The only criteria is that individuals must be inspiring, connecting or enabling people in Gloucestershire to improve their lives through physical activity. 

Once nominations close, all the changemakers who are nominated will be contacted to capture their stories and celebrate their contributions via local media channels. A panel of judges at Active Gloucestershire will then shortlist the top 10 changemakers who will be selected for a photography portrait. The photos will be printed and exhibited, alongside their stories, in a number of local exhibitions across Gloucestershire. These 10 changemakers will also be invited to the annual we can move event in May at Kingsholm Stadium, where the photos will be unveiled.

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