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Explore Gloucestershire's Black History

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

We are delighted to have been included as one of the places of interest on the new Black History Map created by Derrick McLean and Ronnie McGrath of Black Ark Media, in partnership with Gloucestershire Community Rail. The map is designed to support active lifestyles in Gloucestershire, while deepening the understanding of both "British" and "Black British" history and promoting cultural appreciation and community engagement.


The Black History Map includes walking, rail and sustainable travel routes to help you discover the diverse contributions of Black Britons to art, education, and culture in Gloucestershire. Significant Black History places on the map in Gloucester include St Mary's de Crypt Church, The Friendship Cafe, Tredworth Junior School and our very own All Nations Community Centre!

You can find more information about the trail and download a copy of the map at

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